Instagram is not instant...

But worth it!

As my client base grows, I’m always conscious to remind new clients that social media is ever-changing and will probably not bring clients to you instantly. The purpose of social media for businesses is to share their story with the world; to tell their prospects what they are about; to express to their audience beliefs translated into service; to have a platform to show potential clients what current clients think of their work. In doing so, it takes time to build. When you, as a consumer, go to social media, are you always instantly swayed to take action? Ok, I admit, if there is a darling pair of shoes that happened to pop up in my newsfeed then I may click and see if my size is available. More often than that scenario, I will see a post from a business and say “Oh that’s nice.” or “I didn’t know they did that.” or “Cool image”. I usually don’t click through. Using my own behavior as a guide, I want to be sure my clients are aware it takes many touches to pull prospects into action.

So, what am I telling you this? It’s not to give me an out if you don’t see your sales numbers increase X 10 after a month of working with me. It’s so you understand that using social media as a marketing strategy, is a process and going through that process IS where it’s at. Building content that represents your brand gives prospects perspective. Putting your business where your prospects search gives your brand awareness. Responding to questions in a timely manner through this latest platform shows your prospects you are available to them and using current technology.

Social media is a tool. It will grow your business and layer your story in your prospects mind. If you aren’t using this tool, you should be.