Social Media Megaphone

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Every business has a brand. Every brand is made or broken through branding. But what is "branding"?

Whatever your business - be it buying megaphones, selling megaphones, helping facilitate the purchase of megaphones, or consulting about the buying and selling of megaphones - you will become a brand. Your brand is the perception of your products, company, and services. That is your company's reputation. The key factors that your clients (satisfied or not) will use to relate your business to others.

Inadvertently, the reputation of your business will be known to your clients and your prospects. You have the ability to start, augment, or change that conversation. Through social media you can influence your clients' and prospects' perception of your brand. Determining what you want your brand to be is the easiest part of your business

Are you known for being the "on time" or "lowest price" or "not for calling clients back" or "over charging after the work is done"? Taking control of the conversation is easy to do through social media platforms.Use those platforms to create content to support the ideals of your brand - what YOU want to be known for. Even if the current conversation is negative, you can use the platforms to explain and correct any bad feedback.

Initial Social Media is here to make sure your brand's perception is controlled by you. We work with you to determine what your company is about and what you WANT your clients to say about you and how to make that happen. You have