Facebook - not just for faces!


Our digital world has changed.  It was not too long ago that Facebook began - initially as a way for college students to meet other students.  But, as things often do, it has evolved.  Facebook now is a way to communicate, to connect, to express, and to sell.

As a business, you may be most interested in the "to sell" feature of Facebook, but I hope you utilize Facebook for all its functions.  Having a business means you have a brand - a statement or perception of your company and the reasons why prospects should try your services.  Facebook is an excellent way to share your brand with hundreds, thousands, even millions of potential clients.

Even if you barely use Facebook for its social features - connecting with old school chums, checking in at various venues, sharing the latest delish meal you just devoured - your business can have amazing exposure in a positive way.  Creating a business page will allow your company to be searchable in another format.  Facebook tells a broader story than Yelp ever could.  It also allows you to post photos and tell snippets about what you are currently doing in your business.

Facebook creates very focused advertising.  The ads appear in a user's news feed and can be on a sidebar while they are scrolling through things and people they find interesting.  Having a great story to tell can be presented as the same interesting news feed feature that your prospects will be drawn too.  It's a way to market to prospects in a soft-sell manner that can have tremendous results.

If you'd like to learn more about using Facebook to tell your company's story, I'd be happy to meet with you.  Just comment below and we can talk.  I look forward to being your business's megaphone!