Women Power!

As I wait to join in the International Woman's Day Celebration later this afternoon, I am reflecting on Woman Power.  Though it should be an antiquated notion, it really needs to continue to be in the forefront of our business mentality and our social structure.  But some people ask, "Why?" or "Still?"  Here are my thoughts on Woman Power.

As a different being than men, we do many things...well...differently.  And that can be a good thing - a strength.  As I mature to my mid-forties, I am learning how to better communicate by asking more questions to gain clarity; how to listen more intently by putting myself in the speaker's position; how to be more thoughtful by giving what another person needs instead of what I want them to have.  I'm definitely NOT saying that a man cannot and will not do these things.  I'm only expressing what I see and how I've changed through life.  My experiences and how I am chemically created, give me my outlook and my reactive nature to situations and scenarios.  Fellow women with whom I network, work, and relax with express similar truths that women are different than men.

Taking that as a truth, we must also see that our chemical make-up gives us, inherently, weaknesses as well as strengths.  Growing up in this past few decades, the women of my era have taken major steps to prove that our weaknesses are only perceived.  These women are more than happy to step up to any challenge and break the glass ceiling - or anything unbreakable for that matter!  Power-lifters, CEO's, Billionaire-esses are all proving that women should not be seen as weak or the "lesser sex" and that is what I love to promote.

Continuing to promote "Woman Power" can only help our economy, our globalization, our diversity, and our humanity.  Woman see things in a different manner and that view can be amazing.