Forget to check your phone!

I recently saw another blog post about doing more things so that you forget to check your phone!  I love this concept.  Even though I am a social media megaphone for small businesses, I am also a proponent of a balanced life and of connecting with people - not just their inbox!

ISM brand rep.jpg

So much of our time and work life is about getting an email, replying to the issue and spinning in this cycle of electronic communications.  Remember when things were simpler?  When we would sit face to face with our friends and talk and share and learn and laugh?  So much of our communication is electronic which removes MOST of how communication occurs ... non-verbally.

Being entrenched in E-communications should call for us to remove ourselves from our screens and get back to basics - to get out into the world.  Take a walk - without your phone!!!  If you see a neighbour, wave and say hi.   Drive with the windows down and sing that song out loud!  Take the dogs to the river and listen to the sounds of nature and smile and take deep breaths and relax.

Giving yourself the gift of a balanced life will enhance your time in front of the screens.  Make that time limited so that you can be human and be happy.  Maybe don't forget to check your phone, but make a conscious choice to look at the beauty around you - not just on the screen.