THe Process

Every business is different.  Initial Social Media will create your brand's social community focused for your business.  We will tailor the marketing specifically your needs and goals.  Below is the simple process of how we will begin to create or restructure your presence on social platforms.  Like your company, the process will evolve.  

Our goal is to give your business an edge with social media marketing.


Your Ideal Prospect

Not all paper companies want to sell paper to the same person.  It is crucial in determining the best social media marketing plan for your business's success to define your ideal prospect and the demographics around them.  Knowing who you want as a client, will shape your marketing efforts.  It also will characterize their buying, shopping, browsing, and decision-making habits.


content creation

Once the platforms are ready for content, we create the look of your posts, the tone of the messages, and the frequency of your promotions; all with your approval.  We will also create a social media posting calendar.  If you already have great content, we can wrap it in a perfect message for your prospects.  Your message style should be consistent across all platforms and always show your business's branding.


message formulation

Together, we formulate the message you'd like to share.  For example, are you a plumbing company and you would like to tell prospects you are the new company in town?  Have you been in business a while and want to share your testimonials?  Do you just want to have an online presence to be more searchable?  All of those things are attainable though social media marketing.


Message Continuity

Not only do we need to be at the right place at the right time, but we need the right message and the right followup.  Creating continuity consists of utilizing all forms of marketing to be a reflection of the message your prospects will see when they become your clients.   We can work with your current style or help create a more current, engaging look in both your print and digital media.


plATFORM selection

Many clients ask if they should be on all platforms.  That is determined by the message to and the demographics of your ideal prospect.  Some social media, simply, will not be a draw for your ideal prospect.  Furthermore, sometimes the message you'd like to express cannot be done as clearly with one media as it can with another.  We will advise and activate the best platforms for you.

Megaphone II.jpg

Platform Guardianship

The whole point of social media as a marketing tool is to create the story YOU want to tell about your business.  When you begin to do that, your prospects may have questions/comments for you.  We will watch all your platforms and advise you of any interaction.  We will also be sure to show it's an active social media platform - not a "set and forget it" scenario.  This will bring leads directly to you to close.